This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed on the subject of Finance:

Content editor and copywriter for Nationwide building society (March 2014):
The world's largest building society.

I worked as part of a transition team working on the redesign of the Nationwide website using Sitecore and Sharepoint CMSes. As part of this I helped to rewrite and edit the guides section (

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Project manager for the creation, development and population of Horizon 2020 ( (December 2013):
Horizon 2020
Horizon 2020 is the EU's research and innovation programme covering 2014 to 2020, with a proposed budget of 79 billion. Horizon 2020 offers important opportunities for UK businesses and researchers to find finance, networks and partnerships for innovation.

I project managed the creation, development and population of Horizon 2020 ( - the UK face of a multi-billion Euro European innovation funding programme (previously known as FP7) which provides UK companies, universities, public bodies and other organisations access to national contact points (advisers on the various areas the programme covers e.g. energy, space etc), information on calls (competitions), news and events.

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Editor/project manager/curator for (December 2013):
The Future Is Here
Have you seen a glimpse of the future today? Make your claim by simply adding #futureishere to Instagram, Twitter or Flickr image. Submit images that you think represent the future and the best will be showcased on this site (within 24hrs of uploading). If your shot is good enough you could win a lovely prize from the Design Museum.

I helped project manage, edit and curate this digital canvas which allowed people to send tweets, Flickr and Instagram photos that they felt represented the future, with regular prizes given out for those voted the best, designed to promote a Design Museum exhibition.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 312 - September 2011) feature on algorithmic trading:
Virtual money crash!
How computers killed money

This was also converted into online form for

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PC Plus (Issue 274 - November 2008) review:
Taxcalc 2008 Personal 6 review
Tax returns are changing, but can they really be made simpler using accounting software?

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PC Plus (Issue 268 - May 2008) review:
Sage Instant Accounts 14 review
Can accounting software offer anything new to those who already own it?

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Freelance production editor and writer for Government business-advice website Business Link (from August 2004 to December 2004):
Business link
Practical advice for business

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Freelance Production Editor for Mortgage Advisor for Crimson Publishing (August 2004 to December 2004):
Mortgage Advisor
The magazine you need if you are buying, remortgaging or selling

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Freelance production editor for KPMG Tax Strategy magazine and KPMG Advisor magazine (from September to October 2004):
KPMG magazines

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Freelance production editor on Goldfish Credit Card Customer loyalty publications the Goldfish Guides for contract publisher Just Customer Communication (from January 2003 May 2003):
Goldfish Guides

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