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Content & Context Editor for Gabble (since February 2013 to December 2013):
Gabble is striving to build a universal visual language to power next generation 'text-to-image' apps.

In this role I organise the visual database for the site, apps and games. I have also helped organise a Gabble hack day to make use of the site's API as well as being involved with suggesting and developing applications and games using the Gabble database.

Pikipik, released in October 2013, was our first picture/meaning game. I helped develop the app and wrote and edited the questions for the game. It can be seen here:

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Official Windows 8 magazine Official Windows magazine (Issue 5 - February 2013) feature on the best Windows 8 gaming kit:
The perfect kit for online gaming
Here's everything you need to get the best out of Windows 8 gaming across all your devices.

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Pre-school app review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 22 - November 2012) written with the help of my 4 and 2 year olds:
Fairy Magic
An augmented reality app that not only asks ‘Have you got fairies at the bottom of your garden?’, but can show you them as well.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 306 - April 2011) news feature on crowd-sourced research:
Eterna turns gamers into real-life scientists

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 306 - April 2011) feature on successful app creators:
Be the next app millionaire
Bedroom coding is back. Jamie Middleton talks to the so-called ‘app millionaires’ and discovers if, how and why they became rich.

This was also converted into online form for

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Production editing HMV Games for contract publisher Future Plus (from January 2004 to April 2007):
HMV Games
In store, on-line, download.

HMV Games was distributed in all HMV retail stores.

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