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This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed on the subject of Social networking:

Feature for the Connected Digital Economy Catapult website (July 2014) on how to get your digital project noticed - a guide for startups and SMEs:
How to get the right people interested in your digital creation
So you have a great idea for a digital project, but how do you go about making sure your creation is noticed and talked about by the right people?

Written for the Connected Digital Economy Catapult - ‘A national centre to rapidly advance the UK's best digital ideas' - made into an interactive PDF.

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Editor/project manager/curator for (December 2013):
The Future Is Here
Have you seen a glimpse of the future today? Make your claim by simply adding #futureishere to Instagram, Twitter or Flickr image. Submit images that you think represent the future and the best will be showcased on this site (within 24hrs of uploading). If your shot is good enough you could win a lovely prize from the Design Museum.

I helped project manage, edit and curate this digital canvas which allowed people to send tweets, Flickr and Instagram photos that they felt represented the future, with regular prizes given out for those voted the best, designed to promote a Design Museum exhibition.

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Content & Context Editor for Gabble (since February 2013 to December 2013):
Gabble is striving to build a universal visual language to power next generation 'text-to-image' apps.

In this role I organise the visual database for the site, apps and games. I have also helped organise a Gabble hack day to make use of the site's API as well as being involved with suggesting and developing applications and games using the Gabble database.

Pikipik, released in October 2013, was our first picture/meaning game. I helped develop the app and wrote and edited the questions for the game. It can be seen here:

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Samsung advertorial feature for T3, TechRadar and Gizmodo (March 2013):
Social networking made simple
The GALAXY Note II makes social networking by phone a pleasing experience. The combination of the precision of the S Pen and the expansive screen make something which can too often be fiddly and irritating on other phones an easy and pleasurable task.

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Official Windows magazine (Issue 80 - December 2012) tutorial:
Find your dream career using LinkedIn
Our 10-step guide on how to fill in your profile, make connections, get endorsements and recommendations to help you locate your ideal job.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 308 - June 2011) news feature:
Natural disasters spark web innovation
How social media and web 3.0 are helping people get back on their feet

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 305 - March 2011) news feature on Facebook:
Inside Facebook’s expansion
We asks what's next for the social networking site that already attracts more visitors than Google.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 305 - March 2011) news feature on Twitter endorsements:
Clampdown on celebrity Twitter endorsements
Promotions passed off as personal tweets are “deceptive under fair trading laws”

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PC Plus (Issue 297 - August 2010) news feature on online privacy:
Is there such a thing as online privacy?
Why society needs to catch up with what the internet can reveal.

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