This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed for a Consumer audience:

PC Plus magazine (Issue 300 - November 2010) news feature about Microsoft:
Sharp shooting Microsoft
Windows maker wows snappers with stabilisation system.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 300 - November 2010) feature on chiptune music:
Noise generators
Discover the world of chiptune artists – the people whose passion for videogames and retro consoles has led them into musical careers.

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PC Plus magazine (Issue 299 - October 2010) feature about the Vintage Computer Fair 2010:
Yesterday's world
We catch up with the special few dedicated to preserving classic machines for future generations at the Vintage Computer Fair.

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Short story for Big Finish Doctor Who Short trips (October 2010):
Dr Who - Short Trips Volume 3
Peri's life is in danger when she and the Doctor land on a planet populated with mysterious holograms...

Co-written with my good friends Michael Deacon and Chris Wraight, we entered a Doctor Who short story into a Big Finish writing competition and won! It was read by Colin Baker and released on CD. Available to buy here!

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PC Plus (Issue 298 - September 2010) news feature on Project Canvas:
A set-top box too far
Project Canvas must dazzle, or upgrade-weary punters won’t dig deep again.

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PC Plus (Issue 298 - September 2010):
A world without Microsoft
Microsoft is the company most techies love to hate, but what would happen if it suddenly disappeared overnight? Jamie Middleton investigates...

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PC Plus (Issue 297 - August 2010) feature:
Funny business
How up-and-coming comedians are using the internet to make a name for themselves.

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PC Plus (Issue 297 - August 2010) news feature on online privacy:
Is there such a thing as online privacy?
Why society needs to catch up with what the internet can reveal.

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PC Plus (Issue 296 - July 2010) news feature:
No broadband? Start your own ISP
As BT takes its time rolling out high-speed internet access to rural areas, some communities are taking things into their own hands – and putting the infrastructure in place themselves…

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PC Plus (Issue 295 - June 2010) news feature on the election:
Who will win your vote in the General Election?
We investigate the key tech policies of the Big Three parties.

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