This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed for a Consumer audience:

Samsung advertorial feature for TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo (January 2013):
Getting more from Google Play
Google Play is your one-stop-shop for all your Android entertainment on the Samsung GALAXY Note II. It includes over 700,000 apps, along with millions of songs, books and movies.

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Freelance Production Editor for Computer Arts magazine (Issue 210 - January 2013) for Future Publishing:
Computer Arts
Inspiration, technique, great design

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Freelance production editor on 3D World magazine for Future Publishing (Issue 165 - January 2013):
3D World
The magazine for 3D artists

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Pre-school educational app review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 27 - December 2012) written with the help of my 5 and 2 year olds:
Leo's Pad Appisode 1 and 2
Give your toddler a helping hand with their word formation and vocalisation with this animated interactive A-Z of phonemes.

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Samsung advertorial feature for T3, TechRadar and Gizmodo (December 2012):
Top GALAXY Note II apps to nab the best sales bargains
Whether you're on the go, snuggled up in bed with a Christmas hangover or simply relaxing in a coffee shop, bargain hunting has never been so hassle-free or so much fun.

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Official Windows magazine (Issue 80 - December 2012) tutorial:
Find your dream career using LinkedIn
Our 10-step guide on how to fill in your profile, make connections, get endorsements and recommendations to help you locate your ideal job.

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Operations editor for TechRadar (from October 2008 to December 2012):
The largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site (and now rapidly growing in the US and Australia). is the UK’s biggest technology review site (as of September 2012, TechRadar was being read by more than 17 million unique users, with over 4 million of those from the UK) and I oversaw the site’s workflow for separate teams in Bath, London, Australia and the US.

I was responsible for the day-to-day running of TechRadar, ensuring news, features and reviews were delivered on time, to a high editorial standard and to the volume agreed to a strict content strategy. I policed the content to ensure it followed TechRadar’s style, implementing and reinforcing our SEO strategy (including finding and monitoring keywords, in-linking, tipping and using social networks to build our community) and constantly updated our online style guide with CMS tutorials and best practice documents.

I oversaw the production and art budget, commissioning freelance staff to provide the cover the editorial teams needed on a weekly basis, balancing costs with demand to ensure we did not overspend. I also compiled and sent the weekly newsletter.

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Official Windows magazine (Issue 4 - December 2012) feature:
Find the best bargains online
Can Windows 8 save you money on your shopping? We put the bargain hunting skills of our editorial team to the test…

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Pre-school educational app review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 23 - November 2012) written with the help of my 4 and 2 year olds:
Pajanimals: Light In The Sky
Jim Henson’s Company’s creation the Pajanimals bounce onto your iPad/iPhone screen for an interactive musical tale about getting over your fear of the dark.

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Pre-school educational app review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 22 - November 2012) written with the help of my 4 and 2 year olds:
The Monsters family
Why not stop monsters haunting your kids’ dreams and get them teaching them essential word, shape and colour recognition skills instead

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