This page shows everything I have written, edited or project managed for a Consumer audience:

Bad poetry. A poem shamelessly stolen from me by my good friend Tamla Walker and used in the Itchy Guides Bath city guide 2003 (August 2003):
Hot Chocolate

Not coffee,
And you can sing,
You sexy thing.

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Contributor to the Waitrose Wine guide for Just Customer Communication (July 2003):
Waitrose Wine guide 2003

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Freelance DVD review writing for online music retailer Pricestorm for publishing agency Think Lateral (from June 2003 to July 2003):
Storming offers on all our top titles

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Freelance production editor on Goldfish Credit Card Customer loyalty publications the Goldfish Guides for contract publisher Just Customer Communication (from January 2003 May 2003):
Goldfish Guides

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Freelance production editor for RAC Magazine for contract publisher Just Customer Communication (January 2003):
RAC magazine
The exclusive magazine for RAC members

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Production editor for Jaguar magazine for Haymarket Publishing (May 2002 to November 2002):
Jaguar magazine
Jaguar Magazine is the official magazine of Jaguar Cars, and is produced in 11 different languages for a global audience

I was responsible for organising the design, writing, editing, and translation of Jaguar magazine in Britain, Australia, USA, France, Spain, Germany and Japan. I liased with writers, the editor and deputy editor, translators and clients to produce all the versions of this quarterly magazine on a tight three monthly schedule. I proofed all the pages before printing and also wrote copy for news and small features.

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Freelance Production Editor for SWALEC Hi-Energy Magazine for contract publisher Just Customer Communication for the South Wales Electricity company (Issue 2 - November 2002):
Energy-saving news, offers and ideas

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Editorial co-ordinator for TV7 magazine which was sent to all the million+ subscribers to television subscription service ITV Digital (from September 2001 to May 2002) for contract publishing agency Just Customer Communication:
ITV Digital’s weekly television listing magazine

I ensured the editorial process ran smoothly for a team of twenty people. As well as co-ordinating the workflow from initial copy chasing to proofing the layouts, I liased between the editorial department, production department and the printers.

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Writer and later content editor for ONnet , the ONdigital website – the first interactive web portal accessible through a television (from October 2000 to June 2001):
Interactive internet television from ONDigital

I specialised in television highlights but also worked with video, game, music reviews, celebrity gossip, home and garden advice, health tips, car reviews, music and arts listings.

I also ensured a smooth editorial workflow by tracking the editorial process from chasing copy and pictures to preparing the finished layouts.

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Cardiff City Editor for the Wcities website (February 2000 to December 2000):

I performed various roles for this city guide website, including writer, photographer, sub-editor and editor. In my capacity as editor I ensured the content was accurate, up to date, lively and informative. The Wcities business reviews (e.g. pubs, clubs and restaurants) helped power Yahoo's entertainment section.

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