People are always asking me for a long list of pretty much everything I've ever written, edited or project managed... Alright, they never do, but I've made one anyway and here it is.

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Helped develop, write the questions for and edit an iPad quiz game designed to use the Gabble image database. (October 2013):
Find the link, guess the word and beat the competition in this addictive words and pictures game.

Gabble is striving to build a universal visual language to power next generation 'text-to-image' apps. Pikipik, released in October 2013, was our first picture/meaning game. I helped develop and test the app and write and edit the questions for the game.

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MacFormat bookazine 'Learning with your iPad' (October 2013) feature:
Learning with your iPad
Unlock the educational potential of your iPad with our guide to where to find study materials online via apps and websites specifically designed to get the best out of the interactive capabilities the iPad offers.

This feature included an iTunes U walkthrough, as well as alternative iPad apps such as Khan Academy, Udemy and Skillshare to provide everything you need to further your education on your iPad.

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Creator and editor of (from September 2011 to October 2013):
The place for funny songs and funny musicians.

I designed, created, edit and write for

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Web Publisher for the Technology Strategy Board (since January 2013 to July 2013):
Technology Strategy Board (now InnovateUK)
The Technology Strategy Board is the UK's government-backed innovation agency designed to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.

I was part of a core team responsible for creating and managing content for the corporate website for the UK government's innovation agency. I also helped to develop the organisation's social media strategy.

I was instrumental with the redesign of the site when it was migrated to a LifeRay CMS platform. I helped populate content, find appropriate images, capture bugs, prioritise tasks (in JIRA), suggest development solutions, test user journeys and co-ordinated between the project lead, editorial and design teams to ensure a smooth transition for on-going users of the website.

Tags:  Technology Strategy Board  Technology  Editing  B2B  Websites  Project management  Innovation  Business  Science  

Pre-school educational app review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 29 - April 2013) written with the help of my 5 and 2 year olds:
Create your own cats out of fabrics and buttons with this visually pleasing and fun to play app for children.

Tags:  iPad magazine Tap!  Reviews  Technology  Writing  Consumer  Magazines  iPhone  Apps  Apple  

Samsung advertorial feature for TechRadar, T3 and Gizmodo (March 2013):
10 best apps to make the most of spring
Whether you are looking to explore the great outdoors, get fit, or tidy up your home and garden, the GALAXY Note II is all you need.

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Samsung advertorial feature for T3, TechRadar and Gizmodo (March 2013):
Social networking made simple
The GALAXY Note II makes social networking by phone a pleasing experience. The combination of the precision of the S Pen and the expansive screen make something which can too often be fiddly and irritating on other phones an easy and pleasurable task.

Tags:  T3  TechRadar  Gizmodo  Advertorials  Technology  Writing  Consumer  Websites  Apps  Android  Social networking  

Official Windows magazine (Issue 6 - March 2013) feature:
Essential kit for students
Whether it's GCSEs, night courses, a degree, or a PhD, get to the top of the class with our guide to the best education technology.

Tags:  Official Windows magazine  Features  Microsoft  Writing  Consumer  Magazines  Education  Student  Windows  Technology  

App review for iPad magazine Tap! (Issue 28 - March 2013):
Discworld: The Ankh-Morpork Map
The first ever official Discworld iPad app lets you traverse the streets of Ankh Morpork, learn about the buildings and landmarks and even take a walking tour.

Tags:  iPad magazine Tap!  Reviews  Technology  Writing  Consumer  Magazines  Apps  Apple  iPad  iPhone  

Samsung advertorial feature for Gizmodo, T3 and TechRadar (February 2013):
Creating a movie masterpiece on your Note II
As phone cameras have improved, more and more people are using their camera phones to not only film their lives, but to then edit this footage, add special effects and soundtracks and even enter the results in international film competitions.

Tags:  Gizmodo  T3  TechRadar  Advertorials  Technology  Writing  Consumer  Websites  Phones  Android  Apps  Film