People are always asking me for a long list of pretty much everything I've ever written, edited or project managed... Alright, they never do, but I've made one anyway and here it is.

If for some reason you don't want to see everything I've ever done, but would rather just see one aspect of my working life, you can use the tags at the bottom of each entry, the top navigation bar or the choices on the right-hand side to filter what you see. Enjoy!

Freelance DVD review writing for online music retailer Pricestorm for publishing agency Think Lateral (from June 2003 to July 2003):
Storming offers on all our top titles

Tags:  Pricestorm  Advertorials  Film  Writing  Consumer  Programmes/brochures  Television  Entertainment  Reviews  

Freelance production editor on Goldfish Credit Card Customer loyalty publications the Goldfish Guides for contract publisher Just Customer Communication (from January 2003 May 2003):
Goldfish Guides

Tags:  Goldfish Guides  Advertorials  Finance  Editing  Consumer  Programmes/brochures  

Freelance production editor for RAC Magazine for contract publisher Just Customer Communication (January 2003):
RAC magazine
The exclusive magazine for RAC members

Tags:  RAC Magazine  Advertorials  Cars  Editing  Consumer  Magazines  

Production editor for Jaguar magazine for Haymarket Publishing (May 2002 to November 2002):
Jaguar magazine
Jaguar Magazine is the official magazine of Jaguar Cars, and is produced in 11 different languages for a global audience

I was responsible for organising the design, writing, editing, and translation of Jaguar magazine in Britain, Australia, USA, France, Spain, Germany and Japan. I liased with writers, the editor and deputy editor, translators and clients to produce all the versions of this quarterly magazine on a tight three monthly schedule. I proofed all the pages before printing and also wrote copy for news and small features.

Tags:  Jaguar magazine  Cars  Editing  Consumer  Magazines  Project management  Lifestyle  Travel  

Freelance Production Editor for SWALEC Hi-Energy Magazine for contract publisher Just Customer Communication for the South Wales Electricity company (Issue 2 - November 2002):
Energy-saving news, offers and ideas

Tags:  SWALEC  Advertorials  Energy  Editing  Consumer  Magazines  Programmes/brochures  

Editorial co-ordinator for TV7 magazine which was sent to all the million+ subscribers to television subscription service ITV Digital (from September 2001 to May 2002) for contract publishing agency Just Customer Communication:
ITV Digital’s weekly television listing magazine

I ensured the editorial process ran smoothly for a team of twenty people. As well as co-ordinating the workflow from initial copy chasing to proofing the layouts, I liased between the editorial department, production department and the printers.

Tags:  TV7  Television  Editing  Consumer  Magazines  Film  Lifestyle  

Content Editor and writer for a part Microsoft-funded Enterprise Server Community website and Enterprise Server Magazine (June 2001 to September 2001):
Enterprise Server Community
A community-based focus for news and advice for people who work with .NET Microsoft servers

Tags:  Enterprise Server Community  Technology  Editing  B2B  Magazines  Websites  Microsoft  

Writer and later content editor for ONnet , the ONdigital website – the first interactive web portal accessible through a television (from October 2000 to June 2001):
Interactive internet television from ONDigital

I specialised in television highlights but also worked with video, game, music reviews, celebrity gossip, home and garden advice, health tips, car reviews, music and arts listings.

I also ensured a smooth editorial workflow by tracking the editorial process from chasing copy and pictures to preparing the finished layouts.

Tags:  ONnet  Television  Editing  Consumer  Websites  Lifestyle  Cars  Entertainment  Film  Project management  Art  Music  Writing  

Cardiff City Editor for the Wcities website (February 2000 to December 2000):

I performed various roles for this city guide website, including writer, photographer, sub-editor and editor. In my capacity as editor I ensured the content was accurate, up to date, lively and informative. The Wcities business reviews (e.g. pubs, clubs and restaurants) helped power Yahoo's entertainment section.

Tags:  Wcities  City guides  Travel  Writing  Consumer  Websites  Editing  Project management  Nightlife  Entertainment  

Cardiff correspondent for student website where I was responsible for writing 'The student guide to Cardiff' (from May 2000 to June 2000): is an online magazine for students written by students. We've got all the essential information you need to survive, as well as bundles of competitions, jokes, reviews and lots more entertaining stuff.

Tags:  City guides  Entertainment  Writing  Consumer  Websites  Student  Nightlife  Travel